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You wanted to know more about me? I'm not particularly interesting. For the purposes of the internet I'm Scieran. I'm 27, female and I live in London, England.

I first self injured at age 14, but back then it did little for me. I started again in earnest at 21, and have continued to the present day. I cut with razor blades on my left arm only. I have more scar tissue than normal skin there now. I don't cover up, except with fresh wounds. These are my scars and I refuse to be ashamed of who I am.

I am Bipolar, and have problems with anxiety. I take medication for this and have only been hospitalised once, and that voluntarily. I am, at the time of writing, mentally well.

Currently I work in a pub though I intend to move to a more satisfying job sometime soon.

I have five tattoos. I have words written on my wrists in Latin, a cross and a spiral on my upper right arm and a =/= sign on my left upper arm. I have three piercings, all in my ear.

I spend most of my free time socialising with my friends, and pursuing my lover Alcohol, and reading. I like to read Gothic books, some horror, fantasy and science fiction. I also enjoy sappy chick lit on occasion. I like to read books of theology.

I have a Masters in Divinity.

I have a black and white cat called Fluffy.

I enjoy watching Star Trek and the Simpsons but otherwise watch little TV.

I am straight. I rarely date and don't want a boyfriend.

I smoke and drink to excess but I have only tried pot once, and wasn't impressed with it.

Thats about all there is to say about me, but I'll put some quizzes on here.


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