I Love Self Injury!

Welcome. I don't know whether you're like me, but I'm sick of people whining on about how awful self injury is, how disgusting we are, and how we all ought to stop. I am tired of being dictated to by petty Hitlers about what I do with my body - and these the same people who shout loudly about how women have control over their bodies viz a viz abortion!!

My body, my business. If I choose to cut it, burn it or torture it in whatever way I can think of - thats my business, none of yours. I aim to stand up for our right to make choices, even BAD ones!! We are not children to be told "do not touch", "that is wrong" - we are, often, adults or young adults who have the right to eat until we die, drink and smoke and get tattoos - but if we take a blade to our skin? Suddenly we have committed an offense.

This is my site, and my views are forthright. And yes, there are a thousand SI sites by whiny little brats out there, but this is different, because I won't feed you the same old line you hear everywhere else. I am proud of my self injury and I don't want to or need to stop.

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