The Girls Want to Go to a Night Club Aired: 10/15/51

Be A Pal Aired: 10/22/51

The Diet Aired: 10/29/51

Lucy Thinks Ricky is Trying to Do Away With Her Aired: 11/5/51

The Quiz Show Aired: 11/12/51

The Audition Aired: 11/19/51

The Seance Aired: 11/26/51

Men Are Messy Aired: 12/3/51

The Fur Coat Aired: 12/10/51

The Adagio Aired: 12/17/51

Drafted Aired: 12/24/51

Jealous of Girl Singer Aired: 12/31/51

The Benefit Aired: 1/7/52

The Amateur Hour Aired: 1/14/52

Lucy Plays Cupid Aired: 1/21/52

Lucy's Fake Illness Aired: 1/28/52

Lucy Writes a Play Aired: 2/4/52

Break the Lease Aired: 2/11/52

The Ballet Aired: 2/18/52

The Young Fans Aired: 2/25/52

New Neighbors Aired: 3/3/52

Fred and Ethel Fight Aired: 3/10/52

The Moustache Aired: 3/17/52

The Gossip Aired: 3/24/52

Pioneer Women Aired: 3/31/52

The Marriage License Aired: 4/7/52

The Kleptomaniac Aired: 4/14/52

Cuban Pals Aired: 4/21/52

The Freezer Aired: 4/28/52

Lucy Does a TV Commercial Aired: 5/5/52

The Publicity Agent Aired: 5/12/52

Lucy Gets Ricky on the Radio Aired: 5/19/52

Lucy's Schedule Aired: 5/26/52

Lucy Thinks Ricky's Getting Bald Aired: 6/2/52

Ricky Asks for a Raise Aired: 6/9/52

Job Switching Aired: 9/15/52

The Saxophone Aired: 9/22/52

The Anniversary Present Aired: 9/29/52

The Handcuffs Aired: 10/6/52

The Operetta Aired: 10/13/52

Vacation from Marriage Aired: 10/27/52

The Courtroom Aired: 11/10/52

Redecorating Aired: 11/17/52

Ricky Loses His Voice Aired: 11/24/52

Lucy is Enceinte Aired: 12/8/52 .

Pregnant Women Aired: 12/15/52

Lucy's Show Biz Swan Song Aired: 12/22/52

Lucy Hires an English Tutor Aired: 12/29/52

Ricky Has Labor Pains Aired: 1/5/53

Lucy Becomes a Sculptress Aired: 1/12/53

Lucy Goes to the Hospital Aired: 1/19/53

Sales Resistance Aired: 1/26/53

The Inferiority Complex Aired: 2/2/53

The Club Election Aired: 2/16/53

The Black Eye Aired: 3/9/53

Lucy Changes Her Mind Aired: 3/30/53

No Children Allowed Aired: 4/20/53

Lucy Hires a Maid Aired: 4/27/53

The Indian Show Aired: 5/4/53

Lucy's Last Birthday Aired: 5/11/53

The Ricardos Change Apartments Aired: 5/18/53

Lucy is Matchmaker Aired: 5/25/53

Lucy Wants New Furniture Aired: 6/1/53

The Camping Trip Aired: 6/8/53

Ricky and Fred are TV Fans Aired: 6/22/53

Never Do Business with Friends Aired: 6/29/53

Lucille Ball as Lucy Ricardo
Desi Arnaz as Ricky Ricardo
Vivian Vance as Ethel Mertz
William Frawley as Fred Mertz
Keith Thibodeaux as Little Ricky Ricardo
Jerry Hausner as Jerry, the agent
Elizabeth Patterson as Mrs. Mathilda Trumbull Doris Singleton as Caroline Appleby
Kathryn Card as Mrs. MacGillicuddy
Mary Jane Croft as Betty Ramsey
Frank Nelson as Ralph Ramsey
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