The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour
13 Episodes
Debuted: Nov. 6, 1957
Left Prime Time: April 1, 1960

Lucy: Lucille Ball
Ricky: Desi Arnaz
Ethel: Vivian Vance
Fred: William Frawley
Little Ricky: Keith Thibodeaux
1. Lucy Takes A Cruise To Havana
2. The Celebrity Next Door
3. Lucy Hunts Uranium
4. Lucy Wins A Racehorse
5. Lucy Goes To Sun Valley
6. Lucy Goes To Mexico
7. Lucy Makes Room For Danny
8. Lucy Goes To Alaska
9. Lucy Wants A Career
10. Lucy's Summer Vacation
11. Milton Berle Hides Out At The Ricardo's
12. The Ricardo's Go To Japan
13. Lucy Meets The Mustache
I Got this episode guide with permision from bill's lucy page
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