Picture_292_sml.jpgFairford Branch Line Layout




The track plan used was the 1903 as produced in the book 'Branch Line to Fairford' and as at this stage, were not sure of when the second siding alongside the Engine Shed was laid. The leading point for the yard loop by the Goods Shed wall is at variance to the plan as shown by the 1930s photos in the books and websites viewed.


Upgrading the layout.

After a period of about 14 years in storage a decision was made to enter the layout in the inaugural "Nelson's Model Railway Exhibition" at the end of March 2005. The layout was set up in my backyard to be assessed. Both Stephen and I wanted our layout to be as close as possible to the original as we could within the parameters of the two boards. 

The first thing to be done was to take down the old thin MDF backboards and replace with ones of sheet 'Pinex' attached to a 2 x 1 inch frame.



1.                                                                  2.

The height of the backboards was raised to 15 inches and they would be screwed to the rear 4 x 1 baseboard frame.

25mm thick polystyrene sheet was used to form the raised ground around the station area. 


3.                                                                 4.

Stephen painted the back scene which improved the overall look and we would evaluate after the exhibition.



5.                                                                  6.

 7. The full set up with new back boards and painted, traverser covered over with name board done. The unit on  top is a home made hot wire cutter for polystyrene.


 Photos by Ian McEwan

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