Fairford Branch Line Layout 

Bibliography & Links

The list of books and websites in order as the main source of information to build this exhibition layout as none of the people involved had ever seen the area of Fairford or Lechlade.






Branch Line to Fairford by Vic Mitchell & Keith Smith published by Middleton Press

This was the main source for building the layout. I contacted Vic Mitchell to gain permission to use some photos for a PowerPoint presentation on laptop when exhibiting.

The Fairford Branch Line  website by Martin Loader.- see Links below

I found this website late January 2005 and Martin was a great help and support in obtaining extra information so we could get as close as possible to do an accurate model.

The Fairford Branch   by  Stanley C Jenkins published by The Oakwood Press

Stephen found this book on his bookshelf in June 2006 after it had been there for 17years!!

Gave us a lot of background information and found that the Fairford Station buildings Stephen and I had made were spot on.  

Great Western Branch Line Termini  by Paul Karau published by Oxford Publishing Co

Finally I obtained this book in January 2009 which confirmed that the second siding was in place in the mid 1930s. 

The Whitney & East Gloucestershire Railway website by David M Howse; -see Links below

A good site for general view of the line- gave post closure views and information. 


The Fairford Branch Line     www.martin.loader.btinternet.co.uk/Fairford_Branch.htm

The Whitney & East Gloucestershire Railway  


The GWR WebRing             www.webring.com/rs?ring=gwrwebring

GWR Modelling                 www.gwr.org.uk