Fairford Branch Line,



Little Stoke

GWR Layouts In Nelson

New Zealand


The development of of an exhibition and also a permanent layout of the GWR in the 1930's by Ian McEwan in Nelson, New Zealand.

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Fairford Branch Line

This exhibition layout depicts the station and yards of Lechlade and Fairford- the last two stations on the branch line from Oxford .


Fairford Station


Fairford Branch Line Layout



This fictional themed layout is presently under refurbishment as the foam underlay has perished and the track to be relaid and ballasted. 

Stoke-by-Mendip MPD

Stoke-by-Mendip Layout



Little Stoke.

A new project but in N gauge.


Little Stoke Layout at the Big Model Train Show in Christchurch October 2012

I started a new layout when I returned from the 2010-11 The Big Model Train Show in Christchurch 8th-9th October. The Show has been posponed from 3rd-4th October 2010 and again in March 2011 due to the earthquakes.

I purchased 11 locos and 10 carriages along with about 40 wagons from TradeMe ( New Zealand's number one on-line trading site) and UK e-bay and will build the new layout that will fit in the back of my station wagon. At this stage the plan is to adapt the two level plan on the "The Goods Yard" website and have two boards 1m x .8m and be an annalogue operation.