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George Ellsworth hails from the factory town of Leominster, Massachusetts where he spent most of his early years "wandering around empty lots & collecting stuff no one else wanted". It was the same thing with music. Late nights in bed with a transistor radio to his ear, picking up the distant sounds of blues & country along with the not so distant AM radio sounds of the sixties. The Beatles, Stones, Bob Dylan, Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, John Hartford, The Supremes. The list goes on & on. Later on came Robert Johnson, Mississippi John Hurt, Lightnin' Hopkins, Louis Jordan, Doc Watson, Hank Williams & Uncle Dave Macon. "There isn't enough paper here to name the people that have influenced me over the years & I'm still listening and learning from the old masters and the young kids alike." Of his first meeting with Phil Hicks he says "We became buddies right away. It was like meeting someone that you used to know. And when the music came together so well, you wondered how you had ever gotten along without it. Phil Hicks was born & raised in Cincinnati, Ohio where "the style of music you heard depended on which part of town you happened to be in". Cincinnati's location on the Mason-Dixon line earned it the name "Gateway to the South" & it was here that the young Phil Hicks soaked up Traditional Blues, Country, Bluegrass, Gospel, Pop and Rhythm & Blues. Early influences include Fats Waller, Cab Calloway & Louis Jordan. Then came George Clinton, Joni Mitchell, Jimi Hendrix, James Taylor, Steely Dan & too many others to mention here. His musical training came from a father who played clarinet in show & marching bands & a mother who taught classical piano. As a teen he was a Drum Major in his high school band's "Marching Cowboys" and at Amherst College a vocalist in the distinguished A Capella band, the "Zumbyes". Of his first meeting with Ellsworth, he recalls "We were at a party where everyone was drinking tea & talking about art. I went outside for a little, you know, fresh air & there was Ellsworth, sitting in his car, listening to the radio. We started talking music & he invited me to sit in at a couple of his gigs. Before you knew it we were a team.

E & H have played bars, coffeehouses, cafes, gyms, backyards, frontyards, libraries, bookstores, loading docks, cruise ships & barges all over the New York & New England area. And it shows in their relaxed onstage banter and tight arrangements of their original songs. Their 4 song cassette "Four by Two" is a little gem taken from a live performance at the Speakeasy in NYC in 1994. It is only available at live performances or by mail order.

Their full length CD, "Ask Around", is now available at amazon.com, The Orchard and cdnow.com. It can also be ordered through any major record retailer in the country.

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