Wolf In The Fold 1: Blast From The Past

It had been about two weeks since the battle with Talia, the Slayer-Vampire. The Order of Aurelius had been quiet, but Angel knew The Master was just regrouping. No way had he heard the last from him. Everyone had pretty much recovered from the injuries that had sustained after the fight, Faith's arm had almost healed, thanks to the Slayer's ability to heal quicker, and Laura was left with a long scar running from her left eye, down her face. The Hyperion itself had taken a good beating, but most of the major damage was fixed. As Angel walked down the stairs into the hotel's lobby, he mentally noted a few areas that still needed to get repaired.
“Angel,” Faith shouted over. “The computers the Council sent over for us to access the databases have been set up.”
“Good work Faith.” Angel said. “Keep me up to date. I'm going to get breakfast...”
Angel finished walking down the stairs, and headed over towards the kitchen. Suddenly he heard the front door open, and a familiar scent wafted through, one he had not detected for several weeks, not since before the battle with the Senior Partners.
“So this is where you've been hiding then?” Nina said.
“Nina.” Angel said. “How.. how have you been?”
“Would you look at that,” Faith said. “Haven't seen anyone fluster Angel like this since, well, since B..”
Angel shot Faith a pointed glance. “Faith, Spike and Laura need a hand down in the basement. Go help them.”
“Whatever you say boss.” Faith said with a grin.
Once Faith had left, Nina and Angel sat down on the couch.
“Nina,” Angel said. “I'm sorry I didn't contact you sooner, but....”
“Angel, stop.” Nina interrupted. “I need your help. Somethings after me.”
Angel sat bolt upright. “Do you know what? Is it werewolf hunters?”
“I don't know who they are. But they're not human. I caught a slight glimpse of one when they last tried to ambush me. It was big...”
“Right,” said Angel. “I'll get Spike out on the streets, I'll send him to the last place they attacked you, he might be able to pick up a scent or something. In the meantime, talk to Laura, tell her what you saw, see if she can sketch a rough picture of what it was.”

A couple of hours later, Nina and Laura were finishing up the rough sketch of Nina's attacker.
“So,” Laura said, “All you can give us, is that it was big, hairy, had sharp claws, and stank of rotting flesh? So far all I'm coming up with is Bigfoot, or well, you on a bad day...”
“It didn't look like a werewolf,” Nina said. “It was much bigger.”
“Angel!” Laura shouted upstairs. “Does Bigfoot ever come to L.A.?”
Angel walked downstairs.
“No, not that I know of. Although I did once see a Yeti in Canada. That bartender really shouldn't have refused him that sixth martini... why?”
Laura opened her mouth to reply, but was cut off as Spike came through the front doors.
“What did you get?” said Angel.
Spike chucked a bag down on the table.
“A six-pack and a bottle of whiskey. And no you can't have any.” “I mean at the scene of Nina's attack, you idiot.”
“Well, that was a weird one. I could smell Nina's wolfy scent, that was coming through clear as day. But there was something else. Similar, yet much stronger. It was like how Turok-Han smelled differently to normal vampires. It was like a pure, distilled form of...”
Spike was cut off, as the doors burst open again.
“Werewolf.” Oz said.

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