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Merry Meet, and Welcome! Please feel free to post any thoughts or suggestions. Any books you'd like to see reviewed? Any thoughts on the reviews I've posted? I'd love to hear them!

Ari - 11/12/00 05:17:12
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As a library-dweller, I completely agree with you on the lack of decent pagan book review sites, and was very happy to find this one. Will be checking back for updates ;)

lady_sunfire - 06/07/00 21:07:41
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very informative site.. i am currently working on a pagan site and would love to link yours to mine.. let me know if this is ok.. blessings hope and happiness ldy sunfire

Athena Sunwolf - 05/03/00 17:46:15
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Hey, I liked your page :) I really like the "hearth" theme to it--very welcoming :)

Bkwyrm - 05/02/00 00:47:50
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Looks good. I'm always interested to see what other reviewers have to say.

Victor B. Kinnel, Jr. (Gramps) - 03/03/00 03:48:51
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My Email:trollsbridge@uswest.net

love your web you too gramps

Vivarat - 02/08/00 01:13:49
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Good idea/work! I'm always looking for a good pagan/wiccan/"herb lore & old "religion"-type read. More and more fiction of this type is being written, and my "big city" public library is picking up quite a bit of it. Perhaps I can help with a new secti n: I'd love new ideas, too!

Tiffany Danielle - 01/28/00 21:03:14
My Email:DuranceaDanielle@aol.com

Merry Meet & hello i like your page...

Bonnie - 12/25/99 03:40:03
My Email:midnightrose2525@aol.com

nice so far can't wait to read more

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