Barry's Page
Ziv 127-403
Welcome to our little corner of Brandeis University in lovely Waltham, MA.  This is our "bubble," where academia and Jewish-ness reign supreme, and fun only comes from two basic sources:
1. Historical and wonderful
Boston, MA
2. We, ourselves, and us.

Despite these shortcomings, we've still managed to turn our experiences into some really...interesting life stories which we will probably repeat until we're old grannies rocking away on the veranda pondering the "good 'ol days."

We are the ultimate dysfuncational family, in the best meaning of the phrase possible.  :-)  We rock.  We're smart, talented, hilarious, fun, and...incoherent.

Incoherency is not necessarily a bad thing.  Honestly,
CLICK HERE and find out for yourself as you browse our infamous quote pages.  And if you want to see some pictures of us being weird, you can check out the college section of THIS WEBSITE.

Just to show you that we're not completely hopeless and useless college students, here's our testament to us actually getting our butts to class, and making something out of our psychotically over-priced educations:
Nora's Page
Updated 4/25/03

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