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First, check out this site for all your "real" collectible card-buying needs!:

I've become a fan of this collectible card game, both because of my affection for the Deadlands RPG that it is based on, and my general enjoyment of the game. I'm working on a LARP based on the system and characters, and have at least one bunch of stuff built up for an indepth look at the Collegium. With luck, and a lot of time, I hope to put together a similar section on the Maze Rats sometime in the distant future.

Thanks to Kent Peet and Steve Chiu for supplementing my image collections.


(4/09/02) - Yeah, I haven't been too active with Doomtown. Still, I fixed a bug or two on the Analysis sheet in One-Eyed Ike's Deck Designer
(4/20/01) - Added Deadmans' Standoff to my Fiction page
(4/03/01 - Added Carson Gage, Judge Fayllen Wells, and Deputized Civilian to Law Dog Agents
(3/23/01) - Udated Collegium Stats
(3/23/01) - Added The Amazing Xemo (exp), Peevie (exp), and Fineas von Landingham (exp-2) to Collegiium Agents
(3/21/01) - Added Po Yu (exp-2) and Chao Li (exp) to Maze Rat Agents
(3/20/01) - Added Nicodemus Whateley (exp-2), Jebediah Whateley (exp), and Tzipporah Whateley (exp) to Whateley Agents

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