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Hello and welcome to the Smart Sim, a site few know about but one with many downloads and strange designs :)  So why not stop in and look around?  I'm positive you'll find something neat to pick up!

I find myself quite busy nowadays, but though it may be a while between updates, I'll always find something neat to create for the Sims!

Meet my mascot ~ Flurry the Penguin! He's very cute and cuddly, just like the many simmies out there ^-^

Special Announcement:

June 30th, 2005 - I want to pass on some special news to the Sims community as you've always been there for me and I thought I would share a little something about my life with you :) This date I have delivered a beautiful baby boy named Gabriel and he's such a cutie pie!! He was 3 weeks early, but we're both glad he could come into the world now - probably made the labour that much easier ;p After having him, I will never look at life the same way, its just so much complete with him in our lives. Drop me a line at if you want to share your own baby story(ies) and I can even post them online for you! Thank you everyone!



Hi fellow Sims fans! I hope everyone is now enjoying the newest craze to the Sims empire - The Sims 2. I just got my copy, and its wonderful! I love all the new options and the 3dness! This community has always brought me special joy by being very supportive, and inspiring me to create many great things.

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