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Along the Gulf of Corinth, below Delphi, there is the town of Galaxidi, a place of great antiquity in Fokida Province 30km from Delphi, 210km from Athens and 75 nautical miles from Piraeus. A well sheltered small bay, Galaxidi has influenced the surrounding towns as a strong maritime power.

Galaxidi was the first Greek harbor with famous shipyards and nautical fame beyond Greece. Many ship owners from the entire land of Greece came to the shipyards of Galaxidi not only to build their ships but also to recruit captains and crew from Galaxidi, known for their honesty,hard work and marine abilities.

In this pleasant harbor tradition is still very evident along the quay amongst the seafood Tavernas and boatyards where self taught craftsmen still make sturdy wooden caiques. It is well worth strolling through the picturesque streets lined by stately mansions and dotted with little "Ouzeri," bars and cafes drenched in geraniums and jasmine.


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