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Yes, Basically this is me! Aint i just adorable? LMAO! Not really. I have a belly button peircing. Which is the only thing i plan on getting peirced. So yay go me! *not really* I have alot of friends but i will give pictures of them on another page! My bf is David Anthony Kerkove! He is SUCH a sweet guy! He has always  Been there for me and i
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dont know where i would be without him! He has saved my life more then once and always there to listen to my problems! Now less about him more abouts me!

Name: Amber Letcher
Age: 17
Hometown: Savanna Illinois
Favorite Music: Country & Rock. I really love that kinda music but ill listen to just about anything!
Hobbys: Music, Computers, Photography, and Art
Movies: I love horror flicks! Something to make me grab David when im at the movies with him! Gives me a reason *wink wink* hehe....
Secret Obsessions: Gaiaonline, Pink and Black, Tripp NYC!, Emo Boys, Punk Stuff, My converse, Music, My friends, hanging with David, Steph, Marty and Ruthie!
My BF and why i love him: David Anthony Kerkove. He is the sweetest guy of all time. I dont know if I could love him anymore than i already do! Second of all. He never does anything to hurt me. He treats me like a princess. Not that I mind or anything. He is a sweetheart and i love every little bit of him!

Yup that is me in a nutshell! hehe ^_^
More to be added later!

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