A Gaumont-British Picture
Recorded at Shepherd's Bush, London

Director: Sonnie Hale
From the play Pierre ou Jack by Francis de Croisset
Fred Thompson and Dwight Taylor

SONGS by Mark Gordon and Harry Revel:

Head Over Heels
Don't Give A Good Gosh Darn
There's That Look In Your Eyes Again
Looking Round Corners For You
By The Courtesy Of Love
May I Have the Next Romance With You ?

Scenario:  Marjorie Gaffney,
Dialogue: Dwight Taylor
Editor: Al Barnes
Photography: Glen MacWilliams
Art Director: Alfred Junge
Recordist: A.C. O'Donoghue
Dresses: J. Strassner
Wardrobe: Marianne
Dances arranged by
Buddy Bradley
Musical Director: Louis Levy

Jessie Matthews - Jeanne, a cabaret performer
Louis Borel - Marcel, a suave aspiring actor and general cad
Robert Flemyng - Pierre, an inventor and good bloke
Romney Brent - Matty, a songwriter
Whitney Bourne - Norma, the Hollywood Temptress
Paul Leyssac - Max
Eliot Makeham - Martin
Fred Duprez - Norma's Manager

Pierre and Marcel are flatmates living in Depression Paris, the earnest Pierre an inventor and the suave Marcel an aspiring actor.  One day when Jeanne, a beautiful cabaret performer, is shopping for her meagre food ration at the local market her bag is plundered by a marauding mongrel, but she lays the blame on Pierre.  By way of apology - the dog is Pierres' - she is invited to lunch with him at his flat.

Marcel, who has been sleeping in after another dissipated night on the town, butts in on Jeanne and Pierre's tete a tete, and, having seen an opportunity of forwarding his own career, that evening declares his sudden and mad passion for the charming Jeanne.  Although initially sceptical of his intentions, Jeanne becomes involved and it is not long before Marcel is incorporated in her popular act at the restaurant cabaret.

Pierre, meanwhile, is genuinely in love with Jeanne and tries to convince her that she is making a mistake with Marcel, to no avail.  Unfortunately for Jeanne, Pierre and her first instincts are proved right when Marcel leaves her for a glamorous and ruthless Hollywood star and travels to America, leaving Pierre to try to prove his love for Jeanne in Paris.

Head Over Heels includes a memorably tormented sequence set to the song Looking Around Corners For You, when Pierre, being unable to find the estranged Jeanne, trudges with weary desperation through the streets of Paris, haunted by the image of her face.

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