93 minutes
Black and White

A British Gaumont Picture
Recorded at Shepherd's Bush, London

Director: Victor Saville
Written by
Marjorie Gaffney
Based on the German film Viktor und Viktoria (1933)

SONGS written by M. Sigler, A. Goodhart and A. Hoffman:

Everything's In Rhythm With My Heart
Say The Word And It's Yours
Little Silk Worm
I Can Wiggle My Ears
Tripe! Tripe! Tripe!
It's Written All Over Your Face
Half and Half

Photography: Glen MacWilliams
Editor: A. Barnes
Art Director: O. Werndorff
Recordist: A.C. O'Donoghue
Dresses: J. Strassner
Wardrobe: Marianne
Ralph Reader
Musical Director: Louis Levy

Jessie Matthews -
Sonnie Hale - Victor
Anna Lee - Princess
Griffith Jones - Robert
Alfred Drayton - Mr Lintock
Constance Godridge - Beryl
Eddie Gray - Goose Trainer
Martita Hunt - Seraphina
Donald Stewart - Singer


Elizabeth works as a message girl for fashion house Madame Seraphina but desperately wants a chance to show her talents as an actress.  Victor is an out-of-work classical actor who occasionally does a turn in the halls with his female impersonation act as Victoria.   When Victor loses his voice Elizabeth has a chance to take his place.  The act is a success and they are offered a lucrative contract to tour the continent, but Elizabeth must maintain her persona as a young man. 

In Europe they fall in with a princess and her handsome fiance Robert, who dislikes "men who make nice girls" and is sceptical of Mr Victoria's masculinity.   Elizabeth too is finding it difficult to keep her cool when she falls in love with Robert and wants to reveal her true identity.  In the meantime Victor is getting on swimmingly with the princess.

This is at times a shot-for-shot remake of the original German film, but there is plenty of new material too.  Great fun with some spectacular dancing routines, and nicely risque humour.

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