113 minutes
Black and white

Director: Victor Saville
Written by Ian Dalrymple and Angus MacPhail
From the book by J.B. Priestly

John Gielgud - Inigo Jollifant
Jessie Matthews - Susie Dean
Edmund Gwenn - Jess Oakroyd
Mary Glynne - Miss Elizabeth Trant
Percy Parsons - Morton Mitcham
A.W. Baskcomb - Jimmy
Dennis Hoey - Joe
Viola Compton - Mrs. Joe
Margery Binner - Elsie
D.A. Clarke-Smith - Ridvers
Florence Gregson - Mrs. Oakroyd
Frank Pettingell - Sam Oglethorpe
Alex Frazer - Dr. Macfarlane
Finlay Currie - Monte Mortimer


J.B. Priestley's novel The Good Companions, a warm-hearted Depression fable, was extremely popular in the early 'thirties and a natural candidate for screen adaptation.  A motley group on the run from the mundane and pedestrian come together to form the Dinky Doos, a musical troupe who gradually achieve the success and excitement they deserve.  This was Jessie's first big film and it is a delight of ensemble performances, touching character studies and irresistible joie de vivre.

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