Two Plus Two Equals One
Smiling softely through the desert sky,
   Only the moment to live in, a tear in his eye,
   To understand the meaning, what it is to live,
   To want nothing else in life, then what life has to give,

A lonely road to walk, for everything has a price,
   It seems that no one understands, Life is a Single grain of rice,
   To find another... a gift of life,
   Somone who knows it's wonderful, even in times of strife,

The possibilities of the one, multiplied by the two.
   Nothing is out of reach, endless skys of blue.
   What they know, the tell each other through thier eyes,
   softly through the desert skys.
Breaking Illusions
One and two,
      reading into eyes of blue,
Green surrenders to gold,
      Eyes of blue leaving things untold,
balance of one,
      one and two, in truth have none,
admission is granted with a double edged blade,
      making desisions that must be made,
The pool calls to all, but only one and two may pass,
      Only to unearth truth, only to unmask,
Loss of ignorance, peace is restored,
      Walls are broken, Illusions no
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