Ah Goddess of Sunlight,
Dance apon these golden Rays,

                                                                  Formless beauty...
                                                                  Endless Color...

Twirling strands of white light about you.

                                                                  Motionless Movement,
                                                                  Moment of Peace.

What a beautiful day.
White god of unfailing light,
Cast your cold glow apon me,
touch my essence with your perfection,
falling from a winter sky.
A true moment...
never to be able to grasp
you. ever changing, beautiful.
the slightest touch,
the slightest heat,
creates something new.
and you.
you become a drop of water,
holding me inside.
Pure Thought,
Pure Mind,
                   Precedes Truth,
Pure Truth,
Pure Life,
                   Precedes Satori,
Pure Satori,
Pure Soul,
                   Precedes Birth.
First you must die,
                  Before you may truly live.
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