These are my Harry Potter fan fictions. I am making no profits. The characters and details from JK Rowling's books belong to her. :)

Harry Potter fan fiction

Whimsical Impossibility
# 28

A too, too cute blip which is PG at most for one borderline word. Challenge # 28 from "The Quiet Ones" group. HG/BZ. Finished Aug. 22, 2005.
A whimsical, uncanoical, impossible blip. :)

Critical Literacy:

Chapter One was a one shot inspired by The Quiet One's drabble challenge # 29. This piece is AU for many reasons, including the general happy tone. This is PG at most, I think. The characters primarily used are Hermione, Draco and Blaise. Chapters: 1 - When Literacy Attacks (Sept. 4, 2005), 2 - Blaise's Second Feat (Sept. 25, 2005), 3 - Fairy Tale Finish (April 11-17, 2007). :)

Those Are Rubies which will be his Eyes:

An attempt to be in the style of Halloween. Inspired by The Quiet One's challenge # 36. Takes place after the final book and assumes a happy-ish ending. Hermione/Draco. Those are rubies that will be his eyes. October 23, 2005.

There were Songs All Around:

A very short blip based on The Quiet One's challenge # 34. Takes place in yet another happy AU, sometime after after the final book. Hermione/Draco. There Were Songs All Around. October 13, 2005.

Les Sylphides:

Curses, Wishes, a Ball Masque & Mrs. Melusina Snape at Hogwarts: What could possibly go wrong? finished 6/17/2003.
Posted at fanfiction.net with my "flax" name. PG.
Chapters: 1 - A dinner Annoucement, 2 - Masquing Spells, 3 - Les Sylphides, 4 - Every Retreat is an Advance, 5 - And Every Advance a Retreat, 6 - Not Just Children Can Be Cruel, 7 - Dreaming, 8 - Whatever, Albus, 9 - Dancing With Giselles. :)


What happens when the fates boot Snape back into the world?
Posted at fanfiction.net with my "flax" name.
This is the first story I ever finished. G rated. HG/SS. 4/15/2003
Chapters: 1 - Drop By Anytime, 2 - That Redecorating There is Temporary, Yes?, 3 - I Have Always Aspired to be a Hobbit, 4 - Did Your Face Freeze That Way, or Are You Happy to See Me?, 5 - Glyph, I Hardly Read Ye, 6 - Every Garden Needs a Garden Snake, Yes? 7 - Hoping. :)

Progress of the Moon:
Lucius Malfoy in the other-world woods of the Mabinogion.
Chapter One, Two and Three.

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