Lord Skab's Advice on How to Play
If the is one thing in life that is certain, one thing that history has taught us, its is that you can kill ANYONE!!!
-Micheal Corleone, The Godfather 2
Welcome to my Skaven page.

I've been playing Skaven for about 8 years now. I really love them, and I think that they are about as much fun as you can have with Warhammer. I guess I am unusualy loyal to the stinky little rats, I have never collected any other army, and I refuse to even think about playing 40 thousand until they release an offical Skaven army.

I started playing Warhammer when I was 13. I was quick to latch to the Skaven because of the underlying themes of anarchy and conquest of human kingdoms. Ive grown out of being a vicious little ratling, but I still love the Skaven.

Anyway, I made this page because I have been unable to find a really informative page on Skaven tactics. A majority of the webpages Ive seen (tacticaly) are just re-hash of Mr. Chamber's "Skaven Tactics" section at the end of the 4th and 5th editon army book.
UPDATE 1/14/02- Ok, this is a page for my gaming club, but all of you are welcome to check it out. I have finished designing my big campagin. So for all that are intrested check out the Fury of Volkaroth home page.

Also, this wil be the last page update until March when the new Skaven stuff starts comming out. I will be conducting a major overhaul of the page then, and scrapping all of the old tactics sections (BOTH OF THEM!!!). I have feeling that for most of you the Skaven will be a totaly different experience.

As always, thanx for all your support, especialy to all you little ratlings that e-mail and IM me all the time (Manny, keep up the good work). Anyway, 'till next time, We Shall Inherit!!!
UPDATE: 3/5/02: Old friends of the page, today is truely a momentous occasion. I have finished my new tactical theories for the Skaven that will work with the new rules.

I have it in a
text document the time being, so it isnt too flashy, but the advice is solid. Most of it has not been play tested, but this old rat has seen alot of action, and savored the defeats of many strong opponents time and again. The content may change as I get to playing with the new rules more, but I feel confident putting the new tactics up for you all to anylise and draw inspiration from.

Be sure to
e-mail any comments back to me on what you think, or your experience with my perscribed tactics. I love feed back.

If you want to read over them, you can follow these links to
5th edition tactics and the ravening hordes tactics addition

History of Clan Felcrik

The Blue War College (My Gaming Circle)

(Someday in the future) Modling and other things

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Look at how many others are interested in The Skaven!!!
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