The Fury of Volkaroth
A Campaign For Warhammer Fantasy Battles
In this campaign you will be playing part in an exciting adventure into a remote and trouble region of the Warhammer world. An age old evil must be banished from the Unknown Lands. Your army must do its part or darkness will surely reign there for the rest of eternity.

There are prize to be won here too! The Champions will recieve special magic items once the war is over with that they will be able to use in games within our club for the rest of thier days!

Up front, I will say that my Skaven force is not eligible to win any of these prizes. I wanted to keep this nice and impartial, and I figured that there would be much groaning and evil looks if I had given my already powerful force a chance to become even more insanely effective. They will only play a part in special battles.

I have made a whole host of new terrain, and converted some really cool special characters to be used in the battles. Also I have made this map to help you all get a little more aquinted with this bizzare and far off region of the Warhammer world. Later on, there are lists of scenarios,weather rules, and special characters for use in this campaign. If you will be playing for rank, and trying to  win prizes, you must play with the scenarios I have writen, and you must use the weather rules. Im not trying to be a Nazi here, but Im trying to portray a setting after all, and I think it will be worth the effort for you all anyway.  Please
e-mail me the results of all your battles and I will try as promptly as I can to update the rankings of the armies on the rankings page. Also, e-mail or call me with any questions concerning what I meant by anything in the scenario text.
1. The Road of Skulls

2. Hobgobbla's Lament

3. Volkaroth's Forest

4. the Grand Spyre

5. The Frozen Desolation
The Unknown Lands
1. The Road of Skulls: this is a major passage to Cathay. This path is normaly harasses byt Chaos Dwarves and Orcs and Goblins, but since the Golden Horde of Hobgobbla Khan moved through, raiders have subsided considerably.

2. Hobgobbla's Lament: This is a vast streatch where the Nomands whom had pledged themselves to Khorne tolled out a terrible vengance on the Hobbgoblin army. Untold treasure still clings to the frozen remains of the Conquering horde

3. Volkaroth's Forest: This is a great forest of untold antiquity. The Nomads made thier winter encampments here, and it was the focal point of thier nature worshiping religion. Volkaroth is thier Chief God, a great ferral beast that punishes the wasteful and arrogant whom try to cut trees and trap furs.

4. The Grand Spyre: In Defiance of Volkaroth, the Demon Shamen summoned a great obsidian monolith on the edge of his sacred forest. Harpies make roost on this cragged and glassy surface. and it is rumored to be the source of terrible magical powers for any who can figure out how to tap into it.

5 The Frozen Desolation: In old times, great heards of bison roamed this land. Since the Demon Shamen took hold of the area and trapped it in perpetual winter, every aspect of life has disapeared here.

Ofcourse there is much, much more to this campaign than just a map. Click on the links below to learn about each of the subsets of special rules and history of this blasted and dangerous land.
The History of the Unknown Lands

Special Weather Rules

Scenarios for Battles in the Unknown Lands

Unknown Lands Terrain Generator

Special Characters for the Fury of Volkaroth Campaign

Current Standings of the Generals

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