Useful Equipment for Herbal Cosmetic     Basic Herbal Preparations    Nonherbal Ingredients    Allergy,   
    Plants to use in Creams and Lotions     Therapeutic Bath Herbs    Herbs for Facial Steams    Herbs for Face
  Packs     Nonherbal  Ingredients for Face Packs     Herbs to Color Hair  
    Nosegays     Wreaths and Hangerings     Garlands     Herbal Baskets      Table Decorations
Essential Oils:
    How Essential Oils are Produced     Pure Essential Oils Versus Synthetic     Specific Benefits     When Massage is Inappropriate
First-Aid Must
   Here you will find what to have on hand.  Explains what herb is best for everyday problems.
First-Aid Symptoms:
Here you will find your everyday aches and pain and the best route to take
Explains how to harvest     Leaves     Whole plants     Flowers    Seeds    Roots    Bark
Harvesting Herbs
   Harvest Herbs     Preseving & Storing herbs    Herbal Preparation    Specific Herbs for Various Medical Problems
    House Cleaning      Lemon disinfectant      Rosemary Disinfectant      Scouring pad     Sweet Marjoram
     Furniture wax      Old Ways Forgotten
On this page you find helpful information on pretty much every problem that accures with infants and what should be done. Also some recipes for homemade Formulas.
Herbs in the Kitchen
     Herbs for Soups    Herbs for Fish     Herbs for Game & Poultry     Herbs for Meat     Herbs for Casseroles & Marinades     For Eggs & cheeses      for Vegetables     for Desserts    For Breads
Preserving & Storing Herbs
Explains step-by-step
Read what the FDA doesn't wont you to know. A diabetics answer to sugar. A natural sweetener
Introduction Page
I have listed all the pages on this site for a quick overview. Click on the bold words and it will take you to that page. PLEASE go to the INTRODUCTION page above first. You can find links to the pages below on the Introduction page. Please leave your thoughts in my Guest Book. Thank you for stopping by.
My quilt patch is on page 24 on the "Quilt of Phenomenal Women"
Beauty Recipes:
   Hair Color    Skin Care    Body Care    Eye Care    Lip Care
Growing Stevia:
   How to start your own patch    Care and feeding     Gathering leaves    Unlocking the sweetness   
   Fresh Leaves    Dried Leaves    Extract    Liquid Concentrate

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