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(sheet music in .pdf)

All lute tab is for 10-course renaissance lute in G


click hurdygurdy and wind

click lute and recorder

click renaissance dance

clck lute and baroque oboe

fonts lute solo

fonts extra fronimo fonts

fonts a few links








For almost a decade during the 1990's, Nicole Laidler and I
travelled around Europe playing renaissance and baroque music.
We started out on bicycles on a month-long ride from England to Greece,
wintered in Greece and made our way back up through Europe in the spring.
Our first stop was Assisi, a beautifully preserved medieval town high in the
mountains of Umbria. St. Francis became our patron-saint.
We had the good fortune of arriving just as the annual pilgrimage to St. Francis
was getting started. We made a bundle...and we never looked back.

Well....not for a few years anyways.
We spent years, travelling in our van, with our dogs Francis and Chiara.
In the summers, we played in England, Germany, Switzerland and France.
(Thanks, Dunke et Merci!!!!)
Our winters were spent in Greece and Portugal....Poli Orea!

But everything has its season.
Nicole and I parted ways a few years ago.
But like love, the music is as it always was....eternal.

I spent hundreds of hours transcribing for our duo.
Now I face the task of committing
all those transcriptions to "print".
Using "Fronimo" and some nice fonts "borrowed" from what was then "Stringwalker"
I'll be posting various pieces for our multiple "combos"

At it's peak "Stille Musica" consisted of:

Eugene Vincent: lute, hurdy gurdy, crumhorns, cornamuse, rackett, bass recorder.
Nicole Laidler: baroque oboe, recorders, shawm, crumhorns, cornamusen, rackett, "foote drum".

Everything on this site is free.
In dedication to our journey together, the love,
spiritual union and joy that we found in each other and through our music.

I hope that in some small way, these pieces will bring the legacy
 of our adventure to others...and preserve part of what is truly glorious in us all.



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