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Irashaimase, Minna-san!  Come and explore the various GWing content within!

No Bashing Zone

Overall, this site is rated about PG-13.  This is not a yaoi site.  It is also not a non-yaoi site.  There's both.  If you have a problem with that, either get over it or get yourself to someplace you'll enjoy more before causing yourself distress.  If you are unfamiliar with terms such as "yaoi" (which refers to a male homosexual relationship), come in by all means, but please proceed with caution.

There may be complaining, but there is no "anti-" material here.  I don't want "that stuff" on my site.

Love is Love

Hey!  Guess what!  This site is now semi-functional without frames!  I say "semi-functional" because, while it does work, it's a pain on one's royal glutus maximus.  If your browser can't handle frames, you can enter here.  (Use the Site Map link under the 2-Ply Gundam Yarn.)  However, if you're fine with frames, just continue on to the regular link.

And to those using Netscape... I apologize.  Someday this site will be Netscape-compatible.  As soon as I find time to threaten my computer-genius friend into telling me how.

But enough chit-chat! Let's go!


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