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Welcome to The Grove Clinic a.k.a. TGC. I am Dr. Annie Reese.  This is where you should come some for all your veterinary needs. At the clinic we range from simple shots to major surgeries.  We are open 24/7 during the normal foaling season and are always avaliable for emergencies. We have facilities of all sort to suit every horses need and we provide the care worried owners want! Below are our services and their prices. If something isn't listed please let us know!
(Prices are subject to change as well as ownership!)

FARM CALL: $40 (applied to all calls)
Rabies Vaccination: $10
Coggins: $15
Other Vaccinations: $10 and +
Teeth Floating: $40
Tube Worming: $35
Paste Worming: $10
Minor Surgery: $1000-$1500
Major Surgery: $5000+
Anything Else: Contact Me

Please use the form below when requesting our services!
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Please email the form to  Annie Reese!

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