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Nakazono Memorial Event report

Masahilo Nakazono Memorial Aikido Event
27th – October -2007

The Event

In Memory of the Life and Work of Masahilo Nakazono Sensei
Organised by The Committee for UK  Martial Arts History
 (A combined group of students and teachers involved in the preservation of true legacies of the great original teachers)

On May the 14th 2005 the committee organised what is considered to be the most successful Martial Arts Event in Britain to date the “ Kenshiro Abbe Jubilee Celebrations “ . It was the intention of the committee to establish the true history and legacies left in our care, not just for the students of today, but for the generations that follow in the future. This Budo event was so successful in establishing the history, legacy and lineage of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei, and the genuine direct students from his arrival to the UK in 1955. As a result of that great event,  there are now many more martial arts students who were not aware of the importance of the influence of Abbe Sensei on British Budo, they now have a greater understanding of our proud history which we trust will be passed on to their students.

Click here for full report...

Rare film footage of  K Tohei - K Ueshiba and a young Tadashi Abe
Jason Sets a new ESTA record

Jason Tonks

Jason Tonks completes his 1000th push up on he back of his wrists. The E.S.T.A. have always continued this traditional exercise and we believe Jason's attempt is a record. 5th - Feb - 2007

Article series "Bends the Branch" by MAI correspondent Keith Morgan, titled "The Long and Winding Road" and interview with Aikido pioneers Henry Ellis and Derek Eastman.

Martial Arts MagazineMartial Arts Illustrated Magazine

April issue, available in most bookstores/ newsagents from March 16th. £3-25.


Read the article here (Page 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 ) or visit the MAI website at

Bill Woods Sensei Dies

Eulogy  to
Bill Woods Sensei  1930 – 2006

Bill Woods SenseiWith the sad passing of  William Woods Sensei 8th Dan Judo, on the 31st March 2006.  British Martial Arts has lost one of its most celebrated figures in the history of British Budo.

Woods Sensei was the London Judo Society  LJS  Judo Champion when the legendary Budo master Kenshiro Abbe  first arrived in Britain in 1955.  Abbe Sensie would soon select Woods Sensei as a special student.  This was the beginning of a long and successful relationship.  Abbe Sensei  became disillusioned with the LJS and left to join with Matsutaro Otani  Sensei  taking Bill Woods Sensie with him.    Bill later became secretary and personal aide to Abbe Sensei.

Bill Woods Sensei helped to create the British Judo Council BJC – British Kendo Council BKC  – British Karate Council BKC – British Aikido Council  BAC.  The various organisations grew to a membership internationally of over 35,000 members.

Bill was the first person to be graded to 1st dan Kendo by Abbe Sensei receiving certificate No 1 with Tomio Otani  receiving  certificate No 2.

I have known Bill for 50 years and believe that Bill was the most influential figure ever in British Martial Arts other than the master himself.  

On the 14th  May 2006  the  Kenshiro  Abbe Sensei 50th Celebration was held at the Crystal Palace Arena  London UK. I am so pleased that Bill despite his ill health made a supreme effort to attend the event to pay his respects to his teacher Abbe Sensei.

Sensei William Woods will be sadly missed by all that have been influenced by this incredible man in his 55 years of Martial Arts.  I would like to offer my condolences for all those that knew and  respected  Bill Woods Sensei, to his family , friends and students. 

With sincere respects.
Henry Ellis
Ellis Schools of Traditional Aikido
Sensei Reynolds died on Friday 20th of January 2006

Sensei Ralph ReynoldsWe are deeply sorry to inform the visitors to British Aikido of the sad death and passing of Sensei Ralph Reynolds, one of Britain's most well known and respected Aikidoka.

Both Henry Ellis and Derek Eastman along with the students of the Ellis Schools of Traditional Aikido UK and USA wish to extend their sadness and condolences to Ms Jayne Phelps and the family and students of Sensei Reynolds and the Aikido Fellowship GB.

Sensei Reynolds was a direct student of the legendary Budo master Kenshiro Abbe Sensei from the 1950's. He was the first person to introduce Aikido to the Midlands. He trained at the Hut dojo in those very early years maintaining an everlasting friendship with the few pioneers from the great and wonderful inception of British Aikido.

Sensei Ralph Reynolds will be sadly missed by us all.

Sensei Henry Ellis - Sensei Derek Eastman.

Click here for a brief eulogy

Positive Aikido - Hidden Knowledge Positive Aikido - Hidden KnowledgeThe new book Positive Aikido - Hidden Knowledge By Dave Rogers - Henry Ellis and Derek Eastman will be published later this year. It's content will be much different to the first book Positive Aikido with part of the book dedicated to the art of Jukendo - Bayonet Arts and favoured by Kenshiro Abbe Sensei who as an officer in the second world war was in charge of a unit training in the bayonet arts. Also covering some of the best of basic and effective Aikido technique.
The website This site is a tribute dedicated solely to the memory of this legendry master.  The site will have stories and photos from the Kenshiro Abbe Celebration Seminar May 14th May 2005. This event was an unmitigated success with 720 Participants - Guests - Spectators. The Japanese Embassy was represented by Mr Motai who gave the most amazing speech on behalf of the Japanese Government. Sport England were represented by Mr Phillip Don who was very impressed with the event. Sensei Bill Woods who was the personal aide in the 1950's and 60's to Abbe Sensei attended, Sensei Woods is very ill but insisted on being there to pay his respects to his teacher. Sensei Bill Stopps who was the aide to Matsutharu Otani from 1947 despite his illness was detirmined to attend. Robin Otani Sensei travelled all the way from Devon to pay his respects to the memory of Abbe Sensei. Joe Curran Sensei travelled all the way down from Newcastle. My personal guest Sensei Nigel Jones travelled up from Wales and Sensei Grijs Schouten and Mr Richard Bergman travelled from Holland to pay there respects. There were students who travelled from Texas and New Mexico USA to pay their tributes. It is worthy of note that the British Aikido Board Chairman Mr Vincent Sumpter who only lives approx one hour from the event chose to reject his VIP invitation to pay his respects on behalf of his members.  "Kenshiro Abbe Celebrations Seminar May 14th 2005". After the event this website will highlight the days proceedings as a lasting memory to Abbe Sensei.  ..To offer information to this site please contact Mr David Humm

This site will shortly be a dedicated site as a lasting tribute to Abbe Sensei:- History, Photos, Articles, Tributes etc..

> Martial Arts Insurance

Due to the amount of enquiries concerning Martial Arts Insurance received by Henry Ellis, we now request that you contact our Insurance provider direct.

Most small martial arts clubs or organisations reluctantly feel the need to belong to a larger organisation for the security of its coverage of martial arts insurance. The Ellis Schools of Aikido resigned from the Aikido governing body The British Aikido Board, this is something the ESTA has never regretted. Sport England asked the ESTA to rejoin the BAB after the Sport England mediation meeting where the BAB were instructed to give Henry Ellis a full public apology. The ESTA declined to rejoin the BAB and have been very pleased and totally satisfied with the insurance cover provided by "MARTINS" ( acronym ) please contact Martins for your MA insurance cover.

Martial Arts Insurance
28 Swan Street
M4 5JQ
Tel: 0161 - 773 - 6476
Fax: 0161 - 773 - 6456

Please state that you were recommended by the ESTA.

> Aikido Today Magazine to publish "Is Aikido a Martial Art?" article ATM are to include the controversial article "Is Aikido a Martial Art?" by Henry Ellis Sensei in the next issue of Aikido Today Magazine March / April issue. ATM is the worlds leading Aikido Magazine with a large International readership. This article has been added to many international websites, some with approval and some without. non the less it has been a vehicle for discussion which is always good.

In 1994 Ellis Sensei had the article "Early Days of Aikido in Great Britain" published in ATM issue # 36 October / November 1994.
> New dojo in Plano

Sensei Al Montemar our USA representative in Texas has opened a new dojo in Plano near Dallas Texas. please visit his new website for more information.
"The Hut Tx Aikido"

> Positive Aikido

The new book Positive Aikido is published by Trafford Publishing and available from all good book shops and online with Amazon, priced around $18.95 or £10.00. 156 pages : ISBN number 1-4120-4668-8... UK orders phone Traffords UK office in Crewe 01270 251396

> Another Classic Letter from the KenShinKai

Brief statement: A KenShinKai supporter of Mr Poole wrote on AikiWeb Aikido forum;

"Mr Poole is a victim", and as such, Mr Poole should sue us for victimisation"

...NOW! that is an excellent idea, why not ask Mr Poole why he has not yet done so? We did not write the fraudulent Jack Poole Biography, Mr POOLE DID !! We did not write the KenshinKai letter of support. The KenShiKai did !! Mr Jim Johnstone is responsible for his actions in his support of Mr Poole. We have only provided absolute irrefutable proof that Mr Poole's claims prior to 1968 are all fabricated. We have not questioned Mr Poole's history from 1968. So please, simply ask Mr Poole why he has never taken any action. If you are reading this? please take the time to read the British Aikido Board apology to Henry Ellis, then ask the BAB why they have changed Mr Poole's history on the BAB website??????

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