The names of the following pictures were supplied by Grace Janet
Fisher MacLean in 1955.  The pictures had been in our possession without names until then. Curiosity got the best of me  and I had to ask who  these beautiful people were , who were gone and would soon be forgotten. Grace was 79, her eyesight failing, she had to hold some of the pictures up close to see them, but she very happily obliged.   It's possible there are errors.  If anyone knows of an error, please notify me.
Charles Fisher, oldest son, born 26 March 1841, died 1922. married Rebecca Smith of Mabou, Cape Breton , born 1841, died 1907. He had 7 children. His oldest son Arthur related how Charles went to Leadville, Colorado to work in the copper mines. He had to earn money to pay for the new house which housed 2 families or perhaps it was the farm itself that was in debt. Rebecca cried for a whole day when he left. Charles also dug for a supposed buried treasure in Aspen, when a stranger came and enlisted the help of the village men to find the treasure. They dug a hole 30 feet deep on George Mitchell's hill, but found nothing. He said "It takes a kitten nine days to open it's eyes, but I got mine opened in 8 days".
Agnes McDougald Fisher, born 1848, died 10 Sept. 1932. married 10 May 1884 George McKeen born 1856, died 1902.  George was the son of William and Jane (MacIntosh) McKeen. They  lived at Aspen  with children Joseph Creighton, Alexander William Ernest, and Florence Jane.  They also had a child die in Infancy.
They have descendents living in Aspen and Lower Sackville, N.S.
Lucy (Lousie B) Fisher born 1858 married William D. Nichols, Blacksmith and lived at Aspen, N.S.  Children included: Irene Agnes married Edwin Isaac McKeen, Margaret C married a Fisher, Willena (Mrs. Jack Horne) Calder Nichols,  Lillie (Morris), Johnson, MacCurdy and Coalbourne.
Adam MacKeen Fisher, born in 1846, died  1917,  married Elise Georgia Voerge Worrell , 1859-1936, widow of George Worrell
Adam's Boys
Elise had 4 children by George Worrell, Blanche E, Pearl Elsie, George F, Edward Voerge Worrell.
Adam and Elise had 4 children, Albert Wallace, Agnes L, Bruce Alexander and Charles Douglas.
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