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Margaret Elizabeth McKeen
      Frank Owen Smith
            May 24, 1954
Margie was born October 27, 1935 at Aspen, N.S. daughter and 3rd. child of George Judson McKeen and Minnie Katherine Cameron, both of Aspen. Frank was born in Necum Teuch, N.S. November 8, 1927. They had 5 children, Mary Ellen born 1955, Dougie born 1956, Debbie born 1958, Leebert born 1963, and Willie born 1968.
  When Margie and Frank were married, Judson gave them as a wedding gift, the "cream quota" from the dairy farm, which was one of the souces of the family's income. Whereas doing, this Judson had more time to persue the garage known then as G.J. McKeen & Sons, which later was referred to as "McKeen's Garage". He also had a sawmill. Margie and Frank moved in with Judson and Minnie to their own part of the house, where they had their own private entrance. In later years, they took over the whole dairy farm. As their family increased, they had rooms remodeled in the house, including built-in desks in some of the bedrooms.
After the kids came home to raise their own families, Margie and Frank moved to
Goshen for a short while, then moved back to Aspen.
In the spring of 1980, after having six months of tests, Margie was diagnosed with
Parkinson's Disease.  She returned to Aspen, where she lived until her illness progressed to the point where she needed more help than Frank could give her as he was crippled himself due to an unfortunate accident in 1968. She moved into High-Crest Nursing Home in Sherbrooke, N.S. in 1995. Margie enjoys making baby quilts for her grandchildren and great grandchildren as well as other activities which occur in the Home.  Margie still goes home for visits and has even travelled to Prince Edward Island to visit her daughter  Debbie each summer, and Debbie's two grandchildren,  staying for a few weeks.
Above: Back Row:  Dougie, Frank, David (Margie's cousin from U.S., a descendent of William Logan and Christina McKeen)
Middle Row:  Tony, Tanya, Judy
Front: Trevor
The last four are grandchildren of Margie and Frank
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