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George Judson McKeen was born 14 Sept. 1888 and died
18 Dec. 1955.  Judson was the son of Alfred S. McKeen and
Elizabeth Manson
Minnie Katherine Cameron  was born 9 April 1898, daugher of Dougald and Margaret MacDonald.
They were married 24 May 1916
They had 3 children, Huntley, Raymond and Margaret
Raymond Leslie MacKeen
was born 22 Dec. 1921. He married Joyce Marie Cameron on Feb. 6, 1946.
They had 3 children: Calvin
Dennis,  Gregory Allen, and Catherine Carol.
Below is another picture of Elizabeth Manson, Judson's Mother
Huntley Arnold MacKeen was born April 4, 1917. He married Elda Jeanette McKeen on Sept. 28, 1938.
She was the daughter of
Forest Angus and Marguerite Edna (Manson)
McKeen.  They had 2 children:  Patricia Anne and Graham Clair.
Margaret was the only daughter of Judson and Minnie.  See the next pages.
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