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They were married February 3, 1912  at Halifax, N.S. by
  Rev. Dr. Anderson Rogers
Isaac McKeen, Sr. was born 16Aug.1876 at Glenelg, Nova Scotia. He died 10 Jan.1940.  He was the son of Alexander David McKeen, Glenelg and Margaret Ann Sutherland, Country Harbour, N.S. Isaac was a farmer living on the old McKeen homestead at Crossroads, St. Mary's (Aspen). He was famous in the countryside for his skill as a violinist and was much in demand for his renditions of old time dance music.  One of his greatgranddaughters (daughter of Karen Powell) has taken up his music and his fiddle out in British Columbia.
Bessie May Tate was born in Aspen in 1889  and died 19 Apr. 1963. She was the daughter of John and Mary (Mason)Tate.
Bessie above right with Sadie Mills
Bessie May McKeen on right with her cousin Edna McKeen left
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