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Aspen, Nova Scotia is located on the #7 Highway, 26 miles from
Antigonish and 14 miles from Sherbrooke Village. It's biggest industry
is forestry.  Aspen has 2 churches, a post office and a volunteer fire department . The beautiful St. Mary's River runs through the village. Aspen was formerly known as Crossroads St. Mary's until miners from here went out to the copperfields of Colorado and Arizona and renamed it. We also have a Denver, just up the road going towards New Glasgow. Aspen was first settled by Scottish people, both from Scotland and Northern Ireland. The ones who came from Northern Ireland first settled at Londonderry, New Hampshire,  then Truro, N.S. and Musquodoboit, N.S. before arriving in the St. Mary's area. I quote one Scot who said,
"We came directly from Scotland, but were 100 years on the road!"
The name for Aspen and area in the 1881 census was Forks of St-Marie.
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