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Welcome to Derrick's Webzone!
This site contains LOTS of useful and important info for people of ALL Ages! From Teenz to Kids there is something for Everyone!
Such as
Homework, Jokes and Stories just for teens, Groups and Message Boards, Games, Linkz, Forums, Calendar, and much much more! LoL

I created this site for you all out there so any Feedback is a real Help to me.

There are many links and great stuff on this page So take you're time and explore it!

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Future Plans
As DWEB continues to grow so are the things featured on it! Below is a brief list of changes to come THIS SUMMER 2005:
If you died this instant would YOU go to HEAVEN OR HELL??? click here
DWEB will be looking for volunteers to help run the site
DWEB's Education Page featuring assignments for certain AHS Courses and educational stuff for all ages
The Following Pages on DWEB are      UNDER CONSTRUCTION      :
DWEB's Jokes Page featuring jokes and funny stories
NOTE: You can submit your jokes, funny stories, pics, or videos to dwebzmail@yahoo.com
DWEB is looking for writers to help develop DWEB's Very Own Newsletter! For more info
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