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One of the most beautiful and most talented actresses in Hollywood today is one Jodie Foster. From her stunning performances to her awe-inspiring directorial stints, Jodie has become one of the foremost talent players in the entertainment capital of the world. In fact, Premiere magazine even listed Jodie as the most powerful female talent in Hollywood. With her two Oscar statuettes, and her multimillion dollar paycheck for PANIC ROOM (her most recent movie, and one of her best), forget Julia Roberts! Jodie Foster is definitely the Sovereign Queen of that greedy and glittery kingdom called Showbiz.

I've first noticed Jodie in the film "Silence Of The Lambs". I kinda like that movie so much not just because of its magnificent plot, but mostly because of Clarice Starling herself. She made quite an impact on me that I started looking for other movies of her. I watched "The Accused" after "Silence..." and I have to admit that after those two movies, I was hooked to Jodie Foster, a kinda personal Jodie Fostermania. And up to now, I'm still addicted to Ms. Foster. I haven't watched every movie that she made due to the scarcity of her older films, but my hopes are still in the up and up.

So now I created this unofficial homepage to show my resolute devotion to Jodie Foster. If you are reading this Ms. Foster, signing my guestbook and an e-mail message from you will really make my day, no, make my year, no, not even, MAKE MY LIFE!

To all the visitors who just got here, or to the loyal Jodie Foster worshippers that keep on browsing this homepage, may the grace and wisdom of Jodie Foster be your inspiration in everything that you do and in everything you desire. Peace.

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If you have any comments, suggestions, or just to bug me with Jodie Foster photos, you can send me an E-Mail to this address: rllagazo@hotmail.com

I hope you had the time of your life in here. Thanks for visiting. Be seeing you soon.

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