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Dafnee and Fraulein

Halle Crawford Von Vasfor 12/24/02 - 07/13/06
Halle was our sweetest little girl. Halle lived with us for over 3 years. Halle passed over the Rainbow Bridge on July 13, 2006 at the age of 3 1/2 years old. She was the light of our life and will be missed forever. May our Angel rest in peace.


Hello! My name is Dawn. My husband (Steve) & We currently have 2 dogs. We have 2 Rottweilers. Living with 2 dogs keep us very busy. This page is a place where anyone can come and meet us and learn about the wonderful breed of Rottweiler. Our  Rott-n-Kids are Major our 7 year year old male Rottweier.  Major is a certified Therapy dog.  He visited a Senior Care Center on a regular basis.

Porschea came to us in August 2006 as a 16 week old pup. We drove to Los Angeles California to pick her up at LAX. We have enjoyed every day with Porschea and watching her grow and mature. She was lively and full of life and energy. Porschea came from Canada where she flew from Toronto Canada to her new home in Phoenix, AZ. Porschea came from the same breeder as Halle Vasfor Rottweilers in Toronto Canda.

Her brother Major is very excited that hisnew sister has come to live with them. She is such a sweet dog. Fun loving and an absolute joy. We forgot great it was to having another Rottweiler in the house.


Here are the other rott-n-kids that we have been blessed to share our lives and our love with. Buffy, Dafnee and our first Rottweilers were Fraulein and Goldie. Jeanie was our rottweiler wannable. Jeanie was a lab/mix. They are all waiting at Rainbow Bridge. Fraulein and Goldie were 7 & 8 weeks old. Not from the same litter they were not only each others best friends and companion they were sister in life and for always. Our love for this breed may have started a long time ago but it has continued to grow ever since. I cannot imagine not sharing my life with one if not more rotties. Our rotnkids are a very important part of our life. They have all my love and will always be my special kids.   I have dedicated a Memorial page to Dafnee and Fraulein.   Our Interest and fascination of the breed started 21 years ago when I got my first Rottie pup named Wolfgang.

I feed my dogs BARF (bones and raw food). I started feeding them a raw diet in September 1998.  I have seen wonderful results.  Less shedding, cleaner and healthier teeth, shinny coats. The 2 books I have are "Ultimate Diet for Dogs and Cats" and "Give Your Dog a Bone". Both book can be purchased from Dogwise.com or at Amazon.com. I highly recommend these books. Ultimate Diet is a great book for beginners. It is the one I have used the most. I am glad that I changed my dogs diet. I can see how this will help them and improve their quality of life. I have 2 good friends who helped me and answered all my questions. There are many good email list on feeding raw. Find one you like and join. Do what is best for your dogs and change their diet to raw. They will thanks you for it and you will thank yourself.

There are so many dogs (rotties including) who need homes. So please consider a Rescue  for the next member of your family. If you don't rescue then please don't breed. Rescues are so wonderful animals and deserve a good home with lots of love. We have rescue 4 dogs in the past 2 years.  They all are wonderful dogs that need a family to love and care for them.

Dafnee crossed over to Rainbow Bridge Jan 8, 1999

Halle Crawford Von Vasfor
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