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the mind of the living     a short novella based on ANTHEM by Ayn Rand
IT IS TRUE. As every person reaches the age of eleven our course is predetermined by the men of the Council and we are assigned each a number.  Liberty 5-3000, Equality 7-2521, Fraternity 2-5503...Our parents are men and women with a single vocation, working in predetermined places on predetermined schedules, and at 12 we are given a choice of education.  This is how it happened.  This is the story of how we came to be fugitives in a land that disallowed only one thing in a person's life.  To glance upon the image of the 'forbidden word'.
NO ONE WAS SAFE. This is the explanation that we knew from the Teachers and the Doctors, the reason places and cities and books were put to fires and burned until nothing that was not safe or just would remain. This was a time of the great fighting, when a few fought against the many and were called Evil because of it.Then, laws were passed to dictate the course and direction of people's lives such as the time to mate, places to be and work in, and even gestures to share with fellow men.  Even history is forbidden; it is called the Unmentionable Times and no one is allowed to think of it or talk about it, though we know that entire cities lay broken under the growth of the trees.
ONE GREAT DAY. The spirit of yearning took hold of us and we could no longer rest upon the commands from the Council.  There were too many unknowns, too much misery and sadness at the sight of our brethren .  And we had a new motive to feel joy and truth, that motive being Liberty 5-3000.   One day she was walking, her body stiff and erect like a tall tree of the finest woods.  Her hair , golden, and shining; her hand supple and caressing the ground under her feet when she threw the seeds that would feed them for the next year.   These were the stimulus that began to erode the Great Truths we had learned.  It was later that we came upon the hole by a gate...

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