Name: Kika Via Diamond
Call me: Kika, Kiks, Keekers
Breed: Smooth coat chihuahua
Weight: 3.5 lbs
Birthdate: March 9th 2003
Personality: Little human child
Favorite things: My siblings, mom & dad, Grandpa & Grandma, rawhides, food & snuggling
Pet peeves: Not being treated like a little person
Cutest habit: Master burrower!
Tricks: Speak, sit, lay

Name: Lucy's Little AnaBella
Call me: Bella, Bella-Bells
Breed: Smooth coat chihuahua
Weight: 2 lbs
Birthdate: November 20th 2004
Personality: Little energizer bunny
Favorite things: Bouncy balls, Big 4 ft. stuffed dog, Mom & dad, rawhides, food, Peanut butter treats
Pet peeves: Not being around the gang
Cutest habit: Following mom's every footstep, Velcro buddy
Tricks: I know somewhat of sit but most of all my biggest trick is looking cute!
               Kika Diamond
I'ves been published in many magazines & soon to come a photography book. My press info coming soon
My sister, Bella is being published in THE CUTEST PET PHOTOS book.

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