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Hi and thanks for stopping by. I am still in the process of redoing this homepage and it is definitely a work in progress so please keep that in mind and  bear with me if anything isn't working quite right yet or some of the info seems very general.

The links below will take you to more info about me and some pics. Hope you enjoy them and feel free to send me some e-mail of you like by clicking on the mailbox at the bottom of the screen.


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link. Warning do not click on this link if you have no sense of humor or are a rabid, right wing conservative. The author of this page can not be held responsible for your actions if you fit the above description and follow the link anyway!!
This many people have gotten lost on the information super highway and made the mistake of stopping here for directions. If you are one of those unfortunate travelers feel free to send me some e-mail by clicking on the box below.
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