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My RigRater Score: 431RRv1.0 with a BOA of 12.60

DevoJeep84 XJ Cherokee SelecTrac, 3.4l EFI

84 XJ Wagoneer Lmt. SelecTrac This Waggie has gone to Jeep heaven.

97 ZJ Grand Cherokee TSi, QuadraTrac II, 4.0l

From an Email in 1998

Does anyone know what the Tsi stands for, this not a joke?


I called the chrysler corp. on this one because I was curious too.

It stands for Twisted Sister, Inc.

Soon to have the OME + BB and Skid Plates RROF Rock Rails 3100 XJ Cherokee Sport, CommandTrac, 4.0l
Links and how to's is:
2.8l to 3.4l conversions
EFI TBI Parts List
Trackbar Alignment Post-lift
V60 Parts
Jeep Pictures
DevoBill Page

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