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I am a hobby breeder of Pomeranians. My goals are to strive for excellence in the breed, health, temperament,conformation and color. The many colors and wonderful loving big
dog attitudes makes me Joyful to be a Pomlover.
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Click on pups below to read an adorable story from my friend Barb Breden from Pombredens at  www.pombredens.com
Click on the angel to link to Cupidtown Poms & Chins in Australia.......wonderful new book by my friend Anne Muscat coming out to benefit all breeders.
                            New phone number is 203-220-8201
<a href="http:www.i-love-dogs.com/">Dog, Dogs, Canine Wonderland! <a> All you could ever want to know about dogs! Get lots of <a href =  "http: i- love -dogs.com/freedogstuff.html">free dog stuff</a> see dog pictures, learn about the different <a href= "dog breeds">http:www.I-love-dogs.com/dog-breeds/"<dog breeds<a/>, interact with dog lovers from around the world at the online <a href="http:www.i-love-dogs.com /forums/" >dog forums<a/>, search for <a href= "dog names">http://www.i-love-dogs.com/dog -names/>dog names<"<a/> and so much more at I- Love -Dogs.com
Please click on Ch. Proc's Minnie Pearl to see the most Wonderful Happy song and video clips of the work of Diana Hunt. Diana has many agility titled dogs and really enjoys her babies. Diana's husband is protecting our freedoms as Americans.  Diana is very talented and shares this with all.
AKC inspected
  June 2007
   July 2004
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