Advokaat - a Dutch liqueur made from a blend of egg-yolk, sugar, aromatic spirits and brandy.

Afrikoko - a chocolate and coconut flavoured liqueur from South Africa. If not available substitute 3 parts of another chocolate liqueur and 1 part coconut cream.

Akvavit - a clear Danish spirit which closely resembles Vodka and whose name means "water of life".

Almond Liqueurs - include serveral types of creme damandes, creme de noyau, and amaretto (with apricots).

Almond Syrup - syrup made from water and sweet almonds.

Amaro - 'Bitter' in Italian. It is a generic term applied to the hundreds of proprietary brands of bitter digestive drinks sold in Italy.

Amaretto - an Italian liqueur with an almond flavour.

Amer Picon - orange and gentian flavoured French aperitif.

Amontillado - a pale, dry sherry from Spain.

Amourette - violet French liqueur.

Angostura Bitters - a popular brand of aromatic bitters used for flavouring cocktails.

Anisette - a fragrant liqueur with a sharp licorice flavour, made from anise seeds.

Aperitif - a drink before a meal designed to encourage the appetite: it could be either a commercial product or a mixed cocktail.

Apple Cider - fermented apple juice, commonly sparkling, alcoholic or non-alcoholic.

Apple Gin - a colourless liqueur compounded at Leith, Scotland.

Applejack - a very sweet apple-flavoured brandy.

Apricot Brandy - an apricot flavoured liqueur.

Apricot Liqueurs - These are made by macerating apricots in brandy that is then sweetened. A true apricot brandy is an eau-de-vie but apricot liqueurs can be called Apricot Brandy as long as they have a required amount of fruit.

Atholl Brose - A Scottish drink based on Highland malt whisky, uncooked oatmeal, honey and cream.

Aurum - A pale gold Italian liqueur, highly aromatic with a delicate orange flavour.

Bacardi - the brand name of a famous Caribbean firm who produce a variety of rums.

Bahia - A Brazilian blend of coffee and grain spirit.

Bailey's Irish Cream - a liqueur made from Irish Whiskey and Irish cream.

Beer - drink made from fermented cereals brewed with hops.

Beeswing - The light film that occasionally clings to the glass. It occurs most frequently in port.

Benedictine - a sweet herb flavoured brandy-based liqueur.

Bitters - spirits of varying strengths flavoured with roots and herbs, used in cocktails to add a kick or depth of flavour, or for medicinal purposes. Most common are Amer Picon, angostura, Campari, Fernet Branca, orange and peach bitters, Cinzano, Underberg.

Blackberry Brandy - a dark liqueur flavoured with blackberries.

Blackcurrant Liqueur - a liqueur made from a blend of blackcurrants, brandy and sugar. Its French name is Cassis.

Blended Whiskey - whiskey produced from a combination of whiskeys and/or neutral spirits containing at least 20% straight whiskey.

Boilermaker - a shot of straight scotch followed by a beer chaser.

Bouquet - The fragrant impression left after nosing a beverage.

Bourbon - an American whisky originally produced in Bourbon County, Kentucky.

Brandy - a spirit produced primarily from the juice of grapes but also made from the juice of apples, peaches, plums, and other fruits.

Brandymel - A brandy and honey liqueur produced in the Algarve region of Portugal.

Bronte - honey-flavoured brandy-based liqueur.

Bundaberg - a dark rum originally distilled in Bundaberg, Queensland. It comes in a variety of strengths e.g., Under Proof and Over Proof.

Byrrh - French vermouth-style aperitif.

Calvados - fine apple brandy from Normandy.

Campari - a brand of Italian bitters with a strong bitter taste.

Canadian whisky - distilled in Canada usually from rye grains.

Cassis - a blackcurrant liqueur. Also known as Creme de Cassis.

Champagne - a light sparkling wine, usually white and traditionally from the famous Champagne district in France.

Chartreuse - a French liqueur made from many different roots, herbs and spices. There are two styles: yellow, which is less alcoholic and sweeter, and green, which is heavier and stronger.

Cheri-Suisse - cherry and chocolate flavoured liqueur.

Cherry Brandy - a fruit liqueur made from the juice of ripe dark cherries.

Chianti - a dry Italian wine mostly red, but some white is available.

Claytons - a non-alcoholic cola tonic.

Cobbler - originated in America as a drink for hot climates. Fill a highball glass with crushed ice, add 1 teaspoon fine sugar, one measure of gin, whisky or brandy, stir and decorate with seasonal fruit.

Coconut Cream - A concentrate of coconut pulp and sugar syrup. (Non-alcoholic)

Coffee Brandy - a spirit made from distilled coffee beans.

Cognac - the world's best-known and most highly regarded brandy. Distilled from grapes, true Cognac originates only in the Cognac regiion of west-central France.

Cointreau - An orange flavoured French liqueur, sweet and colourless.

Cooler - a long mix of spirit, sugar or syrup and soda or ginger ale over crushed ice, decorated with fruit.

Courvoisier - a brand of Cognac.

Cream of Coconut - a canned preparation made from coconut milk, sugar, and other nonalcohol ingredients useful in making tropical drinks.

Creme de - this French term usually denotes a liqueur of a rather thick consistency.

Creme d'ananas - a pineapple-flavoured rum-based liqueur.

Creme de Banana - a sweet, banana-flavoured liqueur.

Creme de Cacao - a liqueur made from cocoa beans and vanilla. Available in two colours: white and brown.

Creme de Cassis - a sweet, blackcurrant-flavoured liqueur.

Creme de Fraises - a sweet liqueur with a strawberry flavour.

Creme de Framboises - a sweet liqueur with a raspberry flavour.

Creme de Menthe - a peppermint flavoured liqueur which is available in either green or white.

Creme de moka - French coffee-flavoured liqueur.

Creme de Noya - an almond-flavoured liqueur made from fruit pits.

Creme de Violette - a sweet liqueur flavoured with violet oil and vanilla.

Cup - a long refreshing drink made from wine, cider or fortified wine, topped up with mixers, with various added fruits or juices.

Curacao - a liqueur made with wine or grape spirit, sugar and peel from oranges grown on the island of Curacao. The most common colour is white, but it is also available in orange, red, green and blue.

Daisies - these are variations on an original theme - spirit, raspberry syrup, lemon juice, crushed ice and fruit.

D.O.M. Benedictine - an old and famous French liqueur. Originally made by the Benedictine monks, it is a golden colour, highly aromatic and sweet.

Drambuie - a famous brand of liqueur based on Scotch whisky and flavoured with herbs and heather honey.

Dubonnet - a dark red apertif wine with a slight quinine taste.

Egg Nog (Noggin or Grog) - variations on a mix of brandy, rum, milk, egg and sugar sprinkled with nutmeg. Other spirits can be used and they are usually iced.

Falernum - a tasty West Indian syrup made from almonds and spices.

Fino Sherry - a pale very dry Spanish sherry.

Fix - a mix of spirit, lemon, sugar, water and fruit on crushed ice in a highball.

Fizz - five parts chilled sparkling wine to one part grenadine or other fruit syrup.

Flip - favourite sailor's drink which was originally made with rum, brandy or port with egg and sugar, shaken and then sprinkled with nutmeg or ginger.

Framboise - A fresh strawberry French liqueur.

Frangelica - a hazelnut liqueur.

Frappe - well iced drinks, usually liquers or spirits, served over finely crushed ice and drunk with a straw.

Frosting - a glass is frosted by wetting the rim with a wedge of lemon and dipping it in caster sugar.

Galliano - a gold-yellow liqueur with a licorice and anisette flavour.

Gin - a distillation of grain with a juniper berry flavour.

Glayva - a Scottish liqueur similar to Drambuie.

Glen Mist - Also like Drambuie but containing both Irish and Scotch whiskies.

Goldwasser - a clear German liqueur.

Gomme Syrup - a sugar syrup made by dissolving 2 cups of white sugar in 1 cup of water by simmering them together briefly. Used for adding extra sweetness to cocktails.

Grand Marnier - a French brandy liqueur with an orange flavour.

Grappa - an Italian brandy made from distilling grape skins that remain after wine production.

Green Ginger Wine - wine made from fruit and Jamaican ginger.

Grenadine - a red cordial flavouring used for sweetness.

Highball - a spirit, liqueur or wine served in a long tumbler with ice and topped up with soda or ginger ale. The glass also takes its name from the drink. It is said to have originated in St. Louis in the late 19th century based on the fact that on many railroads, a ball hoisted up on a pole was a signal to an approaching train driver that he should speed up. Subsequently, it has come to mean a speedily made drink.

Irish Mist - herb and honey flavoured liqueur based on Irish Whiskey.

Irish Whiskey - whiskey made in Ireland, often produced using barley.

Jigger - American bar measure 40ml. or 1.5 imperial ounces.

Julep - a long drink of spirit or liqueur, sugar and mint served in a frosted glass with crushed ice.

Kahlua - originating from Mexico, this coffee liqueur is made from coffee beans, cocoa beans, vanilla and brandy.

Kirsch - a colourless fruit brandy distilled from black cherries.

Kummel - colourless herbal liqueur flavoured with caraway, cumin, fennel and orris.

Lena - Banana liqueur from Suntory family in Japan.

Lillet - a French vermouth-style aperitif, light and dry with a hint of orange.

Liqueur - a class of spirit that is usually sweet and often served after dinner. It is produced by either mixing or redistilling spirits with natural ingredients such as fruits, plants, flowers, or chocolate. Sugar must be at least 2.5% of the contents by weight.

Madeira - a wine resembling sherry traditionally produced in the Madeira Islands, a chain of eight islands off the northwest coast of Africa.

Malibu - a United Kingdom product with a tropical coconut flavour and a light Jamaican rum base.

Mandarin Napoleon - liqueur made from mandarins of the Mediterranian.

Maraschino Liqueur - a cordial distilled from a bitter wild cherry called the marasca.

Midori - another Suntory liqueur with the flavour of honeydew melon.

Orange Curacao - see Curacao.

Ouzo - an aniseed flavoured spirit originating in Greece.

Parfait Amour - this French liqueur made from lemons, oranges, brandy and herbs, is highly scented and light purple in colour.

Peach Brandy - a liqueur with a peach flavour.

Peach Tree - a clear peach flavoured liqueur commercially available.

Pernod - Pernod 45 is a French aperitif with an aniseed flavour.

Peter Heering - cherry flavoured liqueur from Holland.

Pimms - several varieties available. No 1 has a gin base. No 2 has a whisky base. No 3 a brandy base, No 4 a rum base, No 5 a rye whiskey base and No 6 a vodka base.

Port - A dark dessert winde from Portugal.

Pousse-cafe - An after-dinner drink made with liqueurs of varying weights and colours. The liqueurs must be delicately poured into the glass so that several separate layers of liquid are the result.

Praline Liqueur - A cordial flavoured to taste like buttery pecan pralines.

Punch - originated in India in the 18th century, based on rum and incorporating five different drinks. It has become a mix of many drinks, both non-alcoholic and alcoholic, carefully blended so that no one flavour predominates.

Raspberry Liqueur - A raspberry-flavoured cordial, sometimes called creme de framboise.

Rickey - a spirit served in a long glass over ice, topped up with soda and flavoured with lime or lemon to give a sharp, dry tang. A twist of rind should be added.

Rock and Rye - an amber-coloured American liqueur originally made from rye whiskey and rock candy.

Rossa Antico - an Italian aperitif produced with infusion of aromatic herbs.

Rubis - a Japanese strawberry flavoured liqueur from Suntory.

Rum - A spirit produced from the fermented juices of sugar cane, sugar can syrup, sugar cane molasses or other sugar cane by-products. It is traditionally produced in the Caribbean.

Rye - A whiskey distilled from a mash containing not less than 51% rye grain, traditionally produced in the United States and Canada.

Sabra - chocolate and orange flavoured liqueur from Israel.

Sake - wine produced from rice.

Sambuca - a soft anisette flavoured liqueur from Italy.

Sangaree - a combination of spirit, beer or wine mixed with lemon and sugar and served on the rocks (over ice cubes) with a grating of nutmeg.

Schnapps - dry European spirit. Popular flavours include apple, peppermint, peach, black cherry, cinnamon, and wild berry.

Scotch - Whisky distilled in Scotland, usually from malted barley, broadly divided into two types: blended and single-malt.

Sherry - A dessert wine from southern Spain.

Shrub - a slow maturing drink. Fruit such as currants or citrus fruits and sugar are boiled or left to marinade until ready to sieve through a jelly bag, then mixed with brandy or rum, bottled and left 6-8 weeks to mature.

Simple Syrup - a combination of water and granulated sugar that, when boiled, condenses into a clear, sweet syrup - often used in cocktail recipes.

Sling - a long drink of spirit, fruit juice or cordial topped up with soda.

Sloe Gin - A cordial or liqueur whose characteristic flavour is derived from sloe berries.

Smash - a crush of mint leaves, a little water and cubed sugar is flavoured with rum, brandy, gin or whisky and served in an old-fashioned glass on the rocks with a slice of orange and twist of lemon rind.

Sour - spirit, lemon juice, sugar, angostura bitters and egg white, shaken.

Southern Comfort - a sweet bourbon style American spirit.

Stout - beer brewed from highly roasted barley; sweet, or strong and dry.

Straight up - without ice.

Sugar Syrup - basically a liquid sugar. Can be made from sugar and boiling water. Commercially known as Gomme Syrup.

Suntory Mango - Mango flavoured liqueur from Suntory, Japan.

Tequila - a spirit distilled from the agave plant, produced in Mexico.

Tia Maria - a rum-based Jamaican liqueur with coffee flavour.

Toddy - also known as Grog - a drink of spirit, lemon, sugar, cinnamon and either hot or cold water.

Tom Collins - lemon or lime juice, sugar, dry gin, shaken over ice, strained into a highball glass and topped up with soda.

Tonic Water - a carbonated beverage containing lemon, line, and quinine, an alkaloid obtained from cinchona bark.

Triple Sec - A type of curacao liqueur.

Vandermint - a Dutch mint and chocolate flavoured liqueur.

Vermouth - An aperitif wine derived from grapes.

Vintage - The year in which a wine was bottled, often displayed on the label. (May also refer to a "good" year.)

Vodka - A clear spirit that is generally made from grain, but can be distilled from other starches such as potatoes, corn and beets. Vodkas are commonly flavoured with essences of citrus or other fruits, or spices such as pepper.

Whiskey - A spirit distilled from fermented grain mash, stored in oak containers.

Wine - usually the fermented juice of grapes.

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