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Recipes and descriptions taken from the following books:

Shake and Make Cocktails - A guide for every bar
Published by Child & Associates Publishing Pty Ltd

Margaret Fulton's Book of Cocktails & Party Drinks
Published by Octopus Books Limited

The Australian Women's Weekly Cocktail Guide
Published by Australian Consolidated Press

Cocktails and Mixed Drinks - Australian Edition
Published by Peter Antill-Rose and Associates Pty Ltd

Cocktails and Party Drinks
Published by Tiger Books International PLC, London

Cocktail Essentials
Published by Universal International Pty Ltd

Seagram's Bartending Guide
Published by Penguin Group

Published by Reed International Books Limited

The Classic Bar & Cocktail Book
Published by New Burlington Books

Legendary Cocktails
Published 2002 by New Holland Publishers Ltd

The Complete Book of Non-Alcoholic Cocktails
Published by R&R Publications Marketing Pty Ltd

The Complete Book of Shooters
Published by R&R Publications Marketing Pty Ltd

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