This it the original brake booster
I pulled the booster off of a parts car, The brackets had to be removed to be used on the new booster.  I had to grind some on the center as seen in the picture.  Also the holes that the studs on the booster go through had to egged out a little to allow adjustment
To remove the brackets I had to grind off the rivets and drill them. This photo shows the two boosters side by side.
The push rod had to be cut off of the new booster and a new end added.  The push rod just had one eyehole where the Chevelle needs two.  You could use the one off of the Chevelle, but I used a spare one that we had.
Here the booster installed.  As you can see there is a lot of room for tall valve covers on a big block, and you can also use the factory Chevelle master cylinder.
Important!: Make sure that you measure the length of the push rod before you cut it off and make sure to line everything up very carefully.
VERY IMPORTANT!!: The little push rod that goes into the master cylinder must be the one that was used on the Chevelle.  It must also me ground down about 1/4".  If you dont the brakes will drag a lot and cause your brakes to wear fast. 
Note: You will need to use the metric nuts to attach the brackets and master cylinder to the booster. (You will need a total of six)
Back to the Chevelle
The booster I am using here is from about an 1988 Chevy Pickup, and works like a charm! This is the junk yard swap that you have been looking for. It is 8.5" across while the brake booster that is on our Chevelles are 11.5"  This will give you enough clearence for tall valve covers on a big block.
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