Hello My name is Cathy and I have just recently took back up my study of the Tarot and Cartomancy in general, as well as the study of Psychic Abilities.

I firmly believe that everbody has had a psychic experience.  Have you ever had that odd feeling of Deja Vu?  Or maybe dreamed something and the next day it happened.  Or even suddenly thought about some one you haven't though of in  years and decided to call them to find out that they were thinking about you also?  Sure you have if you will just think about it.
Science has proven that we only use 10% of our brain.  What about the other 90%?  Don't tell me God put that there just for stuffing.

I would love to hear about anyones experiences or tips on how to develope this ability.  Or maybe just chat or argue about it.
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The Way I read Tarot.
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Coven of the Crescent Moon
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