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I got my very own chatroom now!! I don't expect to see anyone there, but it does exist!! So come on and maybe Ill chat with ya! ;)  Click here
New pic of ME! And some posting information.
The "^above^" page no longer exists...well it does but it no longer serves a purpose. I added some new art to my art page and I plan to add more in the near future. Click here to see!
***UPDATE*** ~~8/10/02
I added a new page. Im looking to start a band so if your interested, click on one of the links ^above!^
***UPDATE*** ~~8/4/02
Another friend added and some new logos and a different blackround. hehe, stupid puns...
Now you can rate me at hot or not.com. Click the link down there!! Also some new Neopets banners added. Sign up, its a really great and entertaining site and if you sign up I get cool stuff!! ^_^
New and HOTT friends were added to the friends page. Yes, they are online friends, but they are good friends. Not as good as the real thing, but still...

  *New Friendz page. So far I only got one person added to it but Ill be working on it and adding more! ^_^
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markbellom01 got their NeoPet at http://www.neopets.com
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