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Hello. What does the word "gothic" mean to you? What about the word "Goth"? Are they the same or different? Do you think about art, literature and music? Gargoyles and crosses? High arches and old churches? Skulls and coffins? Barbarian tribes? Edgar Allen Poe and Stephen king? A primitive pre-Christian people long since dead? Electronic dance music? Marilyn Manson? Teenagers in black jeans and eyeliner? Vampires? Vampire wannabes? Medieval festivals, renn faires or role-play? What about paganism or Satanism?

As you probably guessed, the words Goth and gothic have many different meanings. You need help figuring it all out do you? Here I am to help you - I have this website to help sort out all the meanings for you and perhaps leave you more confused than you were before.

Hello, I am your webmistress Corvina Riqizdauhtar, office manager by day and Goth(ic) "uber femme" history and culture fanatic and computer geek the rest of the time. The space here is dedicated to my three great loves - my lifestyle (Goth), an underemphasized and misunderstood period of history and some cool styles of art, literature, music and architecture. Besides I'm currently unattached, insufferably bored and completely in need of some way to spend my time.

My site is divided into four sections. You can access them all below. Please note however that any links or articles will open in a separate window, so if you have your popup blocker on and can't open the links, try right clicking and choosing the "open in a new window" option.

Dictionary Definition of Gothic

The Goth/Gothic Subculture and Lifestyle

The Goths in History

Gothic and Gothic revival culture (art, music, literature, architecture)

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