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Welcome to my little travel page. This page will include photos, useful links, and anecdotes of my travels. Just click on the country related graphic. I will soon invest in a better camera so hopefuly the quality of my pictures will improve. Bear with me. The site may be lame now but with some more experience and some help I hope to create a kick-ass page (o.k., at least a half way decent page).

P.S. Don't forget to turn on your speakers, this baby is wired for sound!!!
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Click here for LondonMy first trip abroad was a three day Virgin package tour to London. I would highly recommend Virgin to anyone. When you take such a short trip if one little thing goes wrong then the whole thing can be ruined. I stayed at the Crofton Hotel on Queens Gate right across from the Victoria and Albert Musuem. It was very nice for the money. Clean and quiet in a nice neighborhood not too far from the Underground. Included in the package was a day trip to Stonehenge/Salisbury/Bath. I would also recommend the hop-on-hop-off tours that run through London.One of them has a stop right in front of the musuem. I ended up using the tour instead of the Underground. It also made sightseeing in London a complete 'no brainer'.

Click here for ParisMy most recent vacation started in Paris, then on to Frejus in the south of France, and ending in Rome. This time I took two weeks and traveled with four other women, Rachel, Robin, Marilyn, and Joanna. Big props to Rachel for doing most if not all of the planning for this trip. If you want insights on the difficulties of planning a trip for a group you'll have to ask her since I was pretty much along for the ride.

Click here for RomeRome was beautiful! It was hot but that 'dry' heat that that everyone talks about. And what's up with the lack of air-conditioning in Europe! I know that Americans like to be refrigerated but c'mon.....Two things to note about Rome:

  1. The cab drivers are crazy.

  2. The moped riders are absolutly insane!!!

I wonder what the death rate is for moped riders in Rome. Unlike New York and London, drivers in Rome will stop for jaywalkers so don't fear the crosswalks without traffic signals.

My stomping grounds!Ahhh...home sweet home. To be truly honest if I were independently wealthy I'd never come home. Not that there's anything wrong with where I live. NEW : I have vastly improved my Co-op City Page. There's Co-op City Info, Links, a Message Board(!!!!), and a little about me. I also have another graphic that I worked hard on. You'd be surprised at how much you can do in MS Publisher and with trial programs.

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