Kingdom Bound
Preserving the memory of the NBC/Hallmark mini-series The 10th Kingdom.

Happy 9th Anniversary T10K!!!

Enter through mirror.

Greetings and thanks for checking out my site. I created Kingdom Bound to be a preservation and a tribute to the NBC/Hallmark mini-series The 10th Kingdom. When T10K originally aired in 2000, it received bad reviews from critics and as a result the series' ratings were low. Nevertheless, the magic of the program shone through, something which it's executive producer Robert Halmi Sr. was able to spot from the very beginning.

"The 10th Kingdom is more than just a fairytale. It is a modern fantasy that whisks us into a land of enchantment and danger. At the core of the tale is the enduring bond and the magical journey of a simple, young waitress and her ne'er-do-well father. Their wonderous, mystical and often dangerous adventures in the fantastic world of the Nine Kingdoms allow them to flee the mundane existence of their everyday lives, deepens their love for one another and opens their eyes to the magic that is know as the 10th Kingdom."

Over the past several years, The 10th Kingdom has earned fans from around the world, been sold to 54 different countries and has produced two online petition demanding a sequel. Obviously, I am not alone it my adoration for the tale about the four who saved the nine kingdoms. To read some fan reaction to this terrific mini-series, just click.

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