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By: Gary Nash
Cockatiel: Merlin


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Cockatiel Tips


What to do if your Cockatiel has Flown Away:

    When pet cockatiels fly outside for the first time, they bewilder themselves since they are in the great out doors. The Cockatiel will usually fly aimlessly until it gets tired. Try to keep up with your bird and do not lose site of him, as he will eventually land in a nearby tree of some sort. If the cockatiel is in reach, try grabbing the bird immediately after it lands while its still tired or try to cover him up with a dark blanket or towel. If the bird is out of reach, try getting a hose near by. Turn it on and sprinkle water onto the bird's feathers. Don't put to much pressure as you don't want the bird to fly away again. Sprinkle water until bird is completely wet. Then, try making the bird fly once more. If done correctly, the bird will soon fall into the ground or fly really low, and/or land in reach.

If your Bird Bites you and Does Not Let Go:

    What do you do if your bird bites you and does not let go. Well, first things first, here are the things of what NOT to do: Never Yell or throw your bird. Yelling will not solve anything but encourage the bird to continue to bite you. If you throw your bird, shake him loose, or run water down his head, its obvious that this can cause injury to the bird. If your bird is biting you and does not let go, remain calm and talk gently to the bird while tapping his beak. If you do this every time your bird was to bite you, he will eventually learn not to do it yet gain some trust in you since you are providing a non threatening attitude towards the bird.

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